SOAPBOX of the week: identity crisis cure

“He who walks in another’s tracks leaves no footprints.”     – Joan Brannon, TV writer and producer

Admit it.  You’ve been a follower of someone  at some point in your life.  Be it sibling, spouse, teacher, boss, best friend…even leader or icon.  And with high hopes, you’ve perhaps fallen into path out of loyalty or fear, ignorance or insecurity -for want or need of recognition or trade secrets, first dibs or fast track, attention or acceptance.  So, how has the walk in the shadows really served you?  More importantly, though, are you still trying to gather benefits at the cost of erasing yourself?  Think about how the mimicry, modeling and mistaking have even harmed you.  At some point, you may walk nameless to yourself and truly unidentifiable to all others.  Folks, don’t get blurred behind someone’s shadow; after all, who knows what may really lurk within it, the bad included.  Instead choose to create your own path.  Find you.  Honor you.  Stomp the earth and leave your mark and let ‘em know your name!

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SOAPBOX of the week: freedom in forgiveness

“To carry a grudge is like being stung to death by a bee.”    – Anon.

So the story goes: somebody did you wrong and you’re ticked and keeping score.  To err may be human, you think, but this one’s inexcusable.  Revenge is in order…or at least the silent treatment!  And in one fell swoop, spite invades your body and distracts your mind with anger, resentment and ego and an unyielding agenda for self-preservation.  Your choice to neither forgive nor forget fills your spirit with funk and erases years from your very lifeline.  When you aim to crucify another for wrongdoing, ironically, the bigger wrong is done by you.  Folks, drop the grudge and wipe the scoreboard, ‘cause it’s only time until the show is on the other foot.  Lessons learned in absolution now will save both face and friendship.

Copyright 2008 by Kimberlie Dykeman 

Pure Soapbox available nationwide online and where books are sold.

A portion of the proceeds of all book sales is donated to LIVESTRONG.

SOAPBOX of the week: Transcend the abyss of remorse

“The only thing you live to regret are the risks you didn’t take.”     -Anonymous

All the woulda, coulda, shoulda’s… confetti your life with little black holes of what might have been storybook memories.  A laundry list of experiences you’ll never get to laugh about, only shake your head in wondering what if.  So was playing it safe worth sleepless nights?  Not speaking your mind.  Declining that dance.  Not voting.  Not graduating.  Leaving the New Year’s party early.  Not quitting that horrible job.  Not going back to school.  Not telling the truth.  Not saying “I love you”.  Regardless, it all comes down to choices, not circumstances.  Stop stockpiling the regrets…you’ll block out the light of promise and possibility, and probably a heckuvalotta tears of joy and laughter.  Instead, leap with the faith that you’ll land on both feet…and stomp out that burning curiosity.  Then pull out those celebrations plans!

Copyright 2008 by Kimberlie Dykeman

Pure Soapbox  now available!   Nationwide 07.22.08

Dalton Publishing Earns National Distribution for Kimberlie Dykeman’s PURE SOAPBOX

Dalton Publishing inked a national deal with Midpoint Trade Books, a national book distributor in New York. Dalton founder Deltina Hay says the Austin-based publishing company’s strong presence at this year’s world-renowned BEA Book Conference in L.A. earned the nod of one of New York’s hardest working distributors.  For over a dozen years, Midpoint has focused its talent and energy on helping independent publishers build successful publishing programs in the trade marketplace.

What does this mean for Kimberlie Dykeman and Pure Soapbox, the first title launched under Dalton’s new imprint, Wiggy Press?  A vastly-reputable source will now pitch and supply Pure Soapbox to the national chain bookstores and beyond, as well as provide much more exposure to the overall national publishing world market, including schools and libraries.  This, combined with the efforts of KD herself, the publisher, and soon-to-be signed publicity firm, will be the powerful push essential to garner national recognition across broad consumer demographics. PURE SOAPBOX  launches 6.25.08.  Available where books are sold! 

Kimberlie Dykeman Inks LIVESTRONG as Beneficiary of Pure Soapbox Book Sales

Kimberlie Dykeman signed on as a new Grassroots Fundraiser for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, choosing LIVESTRONG™ to be the sole beneficiary of a portion of the proceeds from all book sales of Pure Soapbox.  Having been both intimately affected by cancer and seen friends also go through the trauma of this deadly disease, Dykeman views this as a one-of-a-kind opportunity to directly help this world-renowned charity and further inspire the global community to donate to the fight against cancer. Additionally, Dykeman’s websites, including, will have a direct link to her own LIVESTRONG™ Fundraising URL so visitors can freely post their own donations online, both in honor and anonymously. 

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Official Book Release and Signing of Kimberlie Dykeman’s PURE SOAPBOX

A personal note from Kimberlie Dykeman… 

Get on your SOAPBOX, folks! The official release is on the books, as is the signing party of long-anticipated book, Pure Soapbox … a cleansing jolt of perspective, motivation, and humor.  BookPeople, Austin’s renowned one-of-a kind bookstore, has inked in June 25, 2008 at 7pm as the celebration of my book debut. As a go-getting TV personality and entrepreneur, I  can now add “Published Author” to the list of hats I am blessed to wear, but more importantly: I can cross it off my childhood “Bucket List”.

Those in attendance can expect a memorable night filled with the colorful surprises and, of course, signature motivation with a swift kick in the pants from me… the SOAPBOX™ Queen herself. 

Pure Soapbox will be available at BookPeople, Barnes and Noble, Borders and other independent bookstores; online at DaltonPublishing and Amazon. This is the first release from Wiggy Press, a new imprint of Dalton Publishing.  For the whole ball o’ wax: Kimberlie Dykeman Media Room