EVOLVE or Decay Ep. 12: Divorce is not FAILURE

IMAGE-Divorce is not Failure

In today’s EVOLVE or Decay episode, Kimberlie Dykeman inspires divorced men to forgive themselves and reset for a better future. 

Never Stop EVOLVING.  – KD


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SOAPBOX® mini-motivation: are you in the weeds?

“But a weed is simply a plant that wants to grow where people want something else.  In blaming nature, people mistake the culprit.  Weeds are people’s idea, not nature’s.”     ~ Anonymous

WEEDS…  Some folks have quipped they are but unloved flowers, sins of the earth, plants with undiscovered virtues.  Whatever eloquence you elect, they are the bastardly, unforgiving THINGS that get in the way of blooms of our most precious prayers and wishes… flowers and fruits of our labors that bring priceless joy.  Joy from a gorgeous front yard of fragrance, a harvest-filled garden or orchard, a kitchen table of decorations and delicacies.

In brass tacks, weeds are ultimately what get in the way of our JOY.   Weeds are the vicious little evils that crowd, choke out, and suffocate all that our hearts desire… that which we expect from all the seeds we tossed into the ground.  Weeds…be they proverbial, metaphorical or literal… are the relentless, twisted side-effects of both crappy planting and crappy prepping.  Period.

See, so many of us claim to want everlasting blossoms of the ethereal joys of life, like unconditional love, excitement for life, feelings of success, peace, equality, unshakable optimism,    newfound perspective, contentment, dynamic purpose… you know your list.  Yet none of those vines truly burst through the ground with such offerings.  The main reason?  We plant, water and sun our seeds in the topsoil of our old foundations… the wrecked, rocky, perhaps even rancid earth that is full of childhood fears, unmovable judgments, unanswered hopes, decaying values, and old paradigms.   Both man-made and MIND-made, our weeds strive to see the light yet again.  So it only makes sense that when we try to nurture the seeds of our dreams… we are also encouraging the deep-rooted, hidden creepers to sprout and grow yet again.

Folks, if we truly want joy, if we want to LIVE, we’ve got to get on our knees and weed out the weeds.  We’ve got to be willing to do the work, till the soil, prepare for a healthy planting of our dreams and goals.  We’ve got to be willing to get dirty cultivating the crap hidden in our histories to have our gardens of the future be overgrown with love, peace, perspective, optimism and purpose.   I pray for you that you all find the strength, humility and faith to grow your lives with joy, joy, joy.  And there is no time like the present to start weeding, my friends.

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SOAPBOX® mini-motivation: thanks takes to flight

“To give thanks in solitude is enough. Thanksgiving has wings and goes where it must go. Your prayer knows much more about it than you do.”     ~ Victor Hugo, poet, novelist & activist
Indeed, I am a Christian who cherishes Christmas and Easter for their innate awesome events and subsequent movements throughout the world.  But there is nothing quite like Thanksgiving.  Tis the most meaning-full holiday of the year, I believe…a truly holy day…  that crosses all boundaries and binds all faiths and followings.  It is a simple opportunity to gather without agenda, without guilt, without gaudiness and overpriced ticket items, without marketing schemes or madness. 
Pure in nature and message: GIVE THANKS for all you have in your life and FOR YOUR LIFE!  And share that with one another.  That’s it, folks.  A day that beckons you to drop your minutia-filled week and come together to connect and share and show love.  Not as difficult as some of us seem to make it.  And even if miles separate your loved ones, you’d be amazed how far your thoughts and prayers of peace and positivity can travel.  So this year, friends, with full heart I wish you all a simple, pure, love-filled and blessed Thanksgiving.  Further, I pray that you continue to give and show thanks every day thereafter.  It’s not that difficult.        ~  KD

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SOAPBOX of the week: the melody of epiphany

Never underestimate the power of listening.”     – Anonymous 

So, you’ve heard that song a million times, tapped your foot to it, even sang along.  But one random radio-logged day, your steel-trap mind somehow sifts through the memorized words to unveil eerily profound meaning and magic…and something just shifts.  A veritable musical masterpiece colors your eardrums with a delightful enlightenment as the crooner sings directly to an audience of one.  At once, all other soundful distraction is eclipsed; your mind’s attention is fully focused; and understanding floods through every ounce of your being.  Amazing, you think, as the a-ha’s widen your eyes and lift your heart!  All that from just a simple song you’ve heard a million times.  Now, just think of all the points and perspectives you may have missed not truly “tuning in” to the sounds that hold much greater importance –like the voice of your loving spouse, hopeful child, overwhelmed business partner, needy friend, or special stranger… but most importantly yourself.  Prick your ears to hear the music of life and listen closely to embrace the power in its blessed lyrics whispered just for you.  

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SOAPBOX of the week: the science of love

“Love withers with predictability; its very essence is surprise and amazement.”     – Leo F. Buscaglia, psychologist, author

Lasting love ain’t interested in scientific systems, processes of play-by-play, nor sequences of schemed strategies.   She ain’t up for pressuring data for deduction and calculation.  And above all, l’amour ain’t suited for spreadsheets, where formidable, formulaic boxes limit her possibilities or forecast lofty expectations.  Nope, she’s a bit more of a rebel with a gypsy chaser, enthusiastically driven to create adventure for all involved.  An insatiable curiosity propels her into life’s nooks and crannies to reveal golden gems that leave her incredulous… yet thirsty for more!  Indeed, her daily inspiration is effervescently uplifted by the ebb and flow of spontaneity.   Let her reign freely and she will grow to overcome the troubles of time, perhaps even its reality of mortality.  When you and she meet again, remember to let her lead and simply enjoy the unmappable journey.

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