SOAPBOX of the week: the melody of epiphany

Never underestimate the power of listening.”     – Anonymous 

So, you’ve heard that song a million times, tapped your foot to it, even sang along.  But one random radio-logged day, your steel-trap mind somehow sifts through the memorized words to unveil eerily profound meaning and magic…and something just shifts.  A veritable musical masterpiece colors your eardrums with a delightful enlightenment as the crooner sings directly to an audience of one.  At once, all other soundful distraction is eclipsed; your mind’s attention is fully focused; and understanding floods through every ounce of your being.  Amazing, you think, as the a-ha’s widen your eyes and lift your heart!  All that from just a simple song you’ve heard a million times.  Now, just think of all the points and perspectives you may have missed not truly “tuning in” to the sounds that hold much greater importance –like the voice of your loving spouse, hopeful child, overwhelmed business partner, needy friend, or special stranger… but most importantly yourself.  Prick your ears to hear the music of life and listen closely to embrace the power in its blessed lyrics whispered just for you.  

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