SOAPBOX of the week: the upshot of upset

“If you’ve broken the eggs, you should make the omelette.”     – Sir Robert Anthony Eden, British politician

 Aaahhhh, crap!  You dropped the ball and somehow missed that crucial appointment or forgot a birthday; totally bombed a performance or royally embarrassed yourself in front of someone important.  You know it the moment it happens, and you literally feel like the world is about to collapse.  Perhaps you even wish it might open up and swallow you whole!  Even with the most calculated gameplans and benevolent intentions, we all screw up something every day…and sometimes more than once!  On top of that, we make mini-mistakes left and right without realizing it.  After all, we’re only human, right?  Thought armed with 5 senses, 4 limbs, and 1 brain, the hands of time challenge us with a mere 24 hours in each day.  Alas, with an out-of-control list of tasks, trips and tabulations, the fumbles are just bound to happen.  But of course, not every spill is remedied with a simple “cleanup on aisle 9.”  Nope, some are royal messes!  Regardless of the magnitude, we have both obligation and opportunity to flip each situation back to the plus side… and who knows how surprisingly sweet the aftertaste may turn out after all.  To err is human, so forgive yourself and go concoct a divine batch of lemonade. 

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