SOAPBOX of the week: identity crisis cure

“He who walks in another’s tracks leaves no footprints.”     – Joan Brannon, TV writer and producer

Admit it.  You’ve been a follower of someone  at some point in your life.  Be it sibling, spouse, teacher, boss, best friend…even leader or icon.  And with high hopes, you’ve perhaps fallen into path out of loyalty or fear, ignorance or insecurity -for want or need of recognition or trade secrets, first dibs or fast track, attention or acceptance.  So, how has the walk in the shadows really served you?  More importantly, though, are you still trying to gather benefits at the cost of erasing yourself?  Think about how the mimicry, modeling and mistaking have even harmed you.  At some point, you may walk nameless to yourself and truly unidentifiable to all others.  Folks, don’t get blurred behind someone’s shadow; after all, who knows what may really lurk within it, the bad included.  Instead choose to create your own path.  Find you.  Honor you.  Stomp the earth and leave your mark and let ‘em know your name!

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