SOAPBOX of the week: open sesame!

“A thick head can do as much damage as a hard heart.”     – H.W.  Dodds, former Ivy League President

Ever notice how, with age, some folks mellow out –revealing a welcoming softness to their once ego-driven, impenetrable personalities.  Something shifts inside, and an Aquarian flow brings malleability to their attitude and actions.  As their hearts warm and their minds open up, relationships are reconstructed, ancient wrongdoings are patched, and futures are mapped out with joyful participation.  Oh, but then there are the finger-pointing polar opposites whose minds and bodies harden with the years, and whose acidic spirits strip the delight from all lifelines.  The weight of their unyielding judgment and fear creates chasms that grow uncrossable, and they themselves- unapproachable and unlovable. If we’re to learn from others’ worn paths, mind this dichotomy with piercing attention.  Countless people will cross your path yearning to connect with your head and experience your heart.  Choose to let them in, and they’ll help gloriously shape your life.

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SOAPBOX of the week: the arithmetic of friendship

“It is one of the severest tests of friendship to tell your friend of his faults…To speak painful truth through loving words… that is friendship.”     – Henry Ward Beecher, clergyman
If there were a system for categorizing friends, you could say they add, subtract, multiply or divide your life somehow.  With a little analysis, you can easily file them as such.  Mind you, doing so is neither to praise nor condemn any as “good” or “evil”.  Instead it prompts you to evaluate each person’s impact and influence in your daily life. Who multiplies your joy?  Adds to your problems?  Divides your burdens?  Subtracts from your own identity?  Those who do not increase the positives within and around you will inevitably decrease the value of your experiences with negative drain.  So, do the math.  You’ve chosen your pals…now decide what you want to absorb and be surrounded by.  Speak up about what lifts you up and drags you down and create a formula for the strong friendship you both deserve.

Copyright 2000-2009 by Kimberlie Dykeman
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