SOAPBOX of the week: let love live!

“Love wishes to perpetuate itself. Love wishes for immortality.”     – Mortimer Adler, philosopher, educator, and author

Love. Perhaps the best damn four-letter-word that ever was. It is deemed the greatest connector in the world, intrinsically mysterious in its depth, influence and effectiveness. A resource available to every single person who walks the earth, and which shall never run out. An impenetrable shield to conflict; a tireless fire to fatigue; the fulfillment of the law that binds us as human beings. It cannot be destroyed, and sits dormant in every cell of your being until your take your first breath. And one day you finally learn of its name and its powers, and witness its effect on family, friend, stranger and foe alike! Question is, folks, what are you doing to NOW release your love within? Do you insist on its value, but run in fear and deny to participate in it? Or merely sprinkle it out here and there with stingy calculation? Knowing all that it can do to create joy and peace in your own home, let alone across the world… keeping it bottled up indeed sounds like an absurd choice!  Am I right?!  Well, snap out of it and choose to perpetuate it.  Elect to experience the glory of its glow for your own heart and let love live…NOW!

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