SOAPBOX of the week: the melody of mercy

“How often things could be remedied by a word.  How often it is left unspoken.”     – Norman Douglas, novelist

You know the moment it happens.  A breach of trust.  An error of judgment.  Something is broken, stolen, hidden, lost, faked or found out, and without hesitation, defenses are raised along with emotional weaponry.  A story of gossip.  A fumbled  statement.  Something is lied about, omitted, used against, or blurted out, and both peace and promise are shattered.  Be it  trivial or crucial, that “something” doesn’t just become the proverbial thorn in someone’s side…it becomes the veritable wedge that splits a chasm in a relationship indefinitely.   And whether you’re the guilty party or the targeted casualty, not taking action to mend the bridge only allows more opportunities to fall into the abyss below.  What, then, is the true value of conquering for self-elevation or crucifying for wrong-doings, when the bond of brotherhood is broken?  Folks, we are all born with a glorious gift to connect and re-connect with others, and a capacity to create harmony amidst upset.  Choose to turn a negative into a positive, regardless which side of the blame falls on, and get to talking.  After all, to err is human.

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