SOAPBOX of the week: LIFE takes LOVE

“If you just blow a little love into it, it’ll fly right up into the stratosphere.”     – Steven Tyler, musical artist and performer

So, you’ve mixed up a recipe …but it tastes like something’s missing.  So you fuss ‘til you ruin it, lure someone else to fix, pitch it and try something else entirely, or just give up.  Overkill it or abandon it, right?  Now, what if I told you that recipe ain’t just for Mom’s meatloaf…but for all of your life’s nourishing concoctions and confections, like your friendships, family, business, health, home…heck even your wardrobe!  And what if I told you that the special ingredient missing in your flailing formula might just be, simply, LOVE.  Your enthusiasm to create, cultivate, and confetti is truly irreplaceable.  And adding a tablespoon or truckload might just breathe life into an unfulfilling relationship, boring event, unappealing exercise routine or unstimulating job.    Point is, folks, whether it’s marriage or Mom’s prized meatloaf, remember why you put on the chef’s hat in the first place and pour your heart into the mix.   

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