SOAPBOX of the week: seek the naked truth

     “Know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”     – The Bible

Funny thing about the truth.  It can never lose its original properties, never be dismantled or destroyed.  IT simply is.  Transparent in nature, it hides nothing but can be hidden with but a word, and is oftentimes manipulated for one’s own benefit.  Therein lies the problem, for fear and temptation are powerful motivators.  Whether you’re the unassuming recipient or the panicked deliverer, fibs, facades, fallacies and infidelities alike will all weave the same tangled web.  And freedom can only be obtained by releasing the energy of honesty.  Create a positive future by seeking authenticity in all who surround you…More importantly, choose respect for yourself by unabashedly standing in truth.  Reveal its power and revel in the liberation it returns.

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