SOAPBOX of the week: rejecting rejection

  “Never take “no” from someone who can’t say yes.”     – Anonymous

So…you wonder, “What’s his deal?!”  The guy who stamps an echoing NO on everything.  Who agrees to disagree.  Nothing can break this guy down.  Not even a good bottle of scotch.  That said, no brilliant gameplan or persuasive speech you deliver will make him flinch.  NO is his way of life.  But it’s not about him.  It’s about you.  And it’s up to you to decipher whether he revels in it, or is simply petrified to look beyond it.   But have faith that YES is buried in there somewhere.  So, whether you choose to stand firm and crusade for your cause …or plot a path over, under, around or straight through this barricade of No’s …you’ve got to adapt to get what you need.  Dig in …or dig around…but definitely dig up a YES!

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