SOAPBOX of the week: immeasurable impact

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”     – William James, philosopher and psychologist

It’s the sign that reads “population 5,861”.  The reason for a weight limit on an elevator.  How a candidate wins a neck-in-neck running.  The latest entry in the Guinness Book of World Records.  Countless scenarios happening every second of every day across the globe that make the very same simple point: every life counts.  That last child born, extra pound of body weight, final vote cast, and simultaneous snow angel number 15,851 definitely counts.   But more than that, folks, every life matters.  Period.  Now, most of us shamefully let this awesome truth go in one ear and out the other…until it involves us, personally.  Right?  When it feels like perhaps you might not be counted …or that you might not seem to matter.  Ah, then you sit at attention, flail your arms, and cause a stink!  Well, truth be told, many-a-time you are not the most important number in the equation.  But just because you’re not gracing the top of everyone’s VIP lists, doesn’t mean you go unnoticed or aren’t needed.  Folks, you’ll never know just how your existence, let alone daily actions, as mundane or massive as they may be, make a difference.  So, take good ole Shakespeare’s words to heart: all the world is indeed a stage.  Watch your character and act like what you do ripples lifetimes of impact.  Because it does.

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