SOAPBOX of the week: elbow-greased responsibility

Folks, this is a snapshot of life’s self-inflicted aggravations…step back and look at the Bigger Picture and see how daily avoidance in responsibility breeds issues larger than society can handle.  Just think about it…

“Our greatest weariness comes from work not done.”     – Eric Hoffer, social writer and philosopher

Indeed a body in motion stays in motion, as the physics gurus have proven.  Oh, but the opposite is undeniably true, too: the lazier you are…the lazier you become.  Now, don’t waste any energy arguing with me, people; we wouldn’t want you to overexert yourself!  Besides, you know it’s true!  When the laundry piles up, the files bury your desk, and the clock nags that you’re perpetually late, I suggest you reconsider that it might not be someone else’s fault.  Perhaps in satiating your unhealthy reality TV, water cooler gossip, and nicotine fixes, you’ve sacrificed time, energy, money, reputation and relationships.  We all get 24 hours each day to get stuff done.  Instigate your own perpetual motion, folks, and your life-enhancing achievements will soon wipe out your excuse-filled exhaustion.  Choose movement over creeping moss and enjoy the enlightening sensations of a refreshed, relieved state of mind.

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