SOAPBOX of the week: ego-driven myopia

“I don’t even know what street Canada is on.”     –  Al Capone, actor

Needless to say, I’m not taking a cheap pot-shot at good ole Scarface.  Nope, instead it’s a blatant jab at all of you oblivious, frantically-focused-on-me-and-mine people out there (and yes, we’re all guilty at times!) …whose tunnel-vision scope of the world is often your biggest shortcoming.  Left unaddressed, that microscopic, micro-managed viewpoint can infect all sacred spheres of your life.  The blind-siding result?  A self-defeating stumbling block that leaves quite a mark when you finally stand-up and shake off the fumble.  I know it sounds extreme, but the reality is too true when you “get real” with yourself.  Yeah, you know there’s an election…but do you know the issues?  You know there’s this thing called environmentalism, but do you know your carbon footprint?  You know your zip code but do you even know your neighbors’ names?  You know your kid’s school, but do you know what her favorite subject is?  It’s more than the old adage “what you don’t know might hurt you”  ringing it’s reminder bell.  Thinking the whole world revolves around you, then choosing to ignore it CAN’T NOT catch up with you!  You matter to society, to the environment, to your neighbors, to your family!  SO, choose to rotate your perspective, reel your sense of self-importance back into orbit, and participate in them all.  You’ll experience a whirlwind of understanding that brings balance and appreciation for just how valuable the sum of the parts really is to your life the rest of this thing called earth.

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