SOAPBOX of the week: lose the crown, folks!

“Extremes meet, and there is no better example
than the haughtiness of humility.”   
 – Ralph Waldo Emerson, philosopher and poet

Aaah, the precariously transient state between humility and pride.  None of us are excluded from being that unconditionally-loved child who’s still starving for attention…even moreso as fully-grown adults!  And rest never finds us on life’s perpetual teeter-totter of meekness vs. expectation.  The moment we even think in one direction, the balance shifts.  When we sport our sacrifices like invisible royal robes, we’re surprised with the ensuing gratitude and accolades.  Yet, blessings are tainted when we join in the applause, trumpeting our importance for more reward and approval.  In essence, our once grateful spirits are trampled by our ugly egos, to again reveal crowns of self-serving exaltation.  So, what’s the harmonizing solution?  Simple.  Separate the gifts from the real earnings from your efforts.  Bow to the unquestionable fact that you’ll never be humble enough.  Then, witness the marvels when being thankful becomes your sole modus operandi. 

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