SOAPBOX of the week: stand tall and cheer

“Behind every successful man stands a surprised mother-in-law.”     – Hubert H. Humphrey, political leader

Now, I’m rather certain the brightest achievers of our times didn’t willingly surrounded themselves with critics, cynics, and judgmental busybodies. Heck – neither did your own little hometown hero.  No invitations were handed out to engage audiences to readily toss rotten remark and rotten tomato alike …for added mockery and witless banter.  Nope, the doubters and diggers simply showed up as a rule, for they’re the wishers and wasters who hate to love to watch the dreamers and doers…like moths to a flame.  And even as you yourself may strive for the lead role, the key lesson in irony is that you may have your own time in the sideline seat.  Either way, folks, your surge of opinions can prove supportive or sabotaging.  So be watchful of your own judging tongue, ‘cause there’s always an audience.  And no matter if it’s full of family, friend or foe…you want to be on their good side, just as you’ll want them on yours. 

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