SOAPBOX of the week: the enlightenment of failure

“Failure: A man who has blundered but who is not able to cash in on the experience.”     – Elbert Hubbard, writer and publisher

Celebrating success is an important practice.  It reinforces self-image and provides an ignition sequence for more victories.  But it’s equally necessary to recognize failures…because the lessons learned are launch pads for even more satisfying achievements.  That said, take a closer look at your last flop:  Did you have a clear vision of what you wanted?  A plan?  Did you ask for help to stay on track?  Did you expect a miracle in record time…and then become deflated at your lack of skills and resources.  Or procrastinate and overanalyze yourself into quitting?  If your answers define a full-fledged failure…GREAT!  Knowing why and how you bombed is the secret to tilting the cause and effect scale in your favor…to profit from another success.

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SOAPBOX of the week: The sabotage of success

“It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.”     – Anonymous

We all know what fear of failure feels like, right?  Trepidations overwhelm our initiatives and we fear falling flat on our faces…perhaps because we believe that WHO WE ARE ain’t up to par for the challenge at hand.  Makes sense right?  Well, there are also frequent times when we fear success just as strongly, if not moreso.  Crazy, huh?  Here, we let our self-images run amuck in negative energy and we end up believing that WE’RE NOT that person ready for the next level.  We sense the success we’ve created is just within reach …but convince ourselves there’s no way we’re prepared for the changes and greater opportunities that’ll come along with the leap.  Folks, release yourself from a doomed image!  Imagine a great new one and you’ll become it. Elect to bury the fear and bring blossom to a brighter future.

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