SOAPBOX of the week: justification of just-in-case

“Plan ahead.  It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.”     – Anonymous

If you answer the call of spontaneity without hesitation, then more power to you!  Jumping into a new adventure with your hair on fire has its perks.  The endorphin rush of new exploration.  The excitement in your gut from pure curiosity.  But, many times a poor or quick decision interrupts the fun guessing game, derailing you back to square one.  And, when you’re delayed and deflated, the idea of planning doesn’t sound so nerdy after all.  Flying by the seat of your pants has its place, and is key to keeping the kid in you alive!  But pull out a notebook for the big rides, folks.  Research your clever ideas, concoct a strategy, and arm yourself with tools to survive the sharp turns and steep drops… and you’ll thrive on those fast straight-aways.

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