SOAPBOX of the week: be a singular sensation, sister!

 “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.”     – Gloria Steinem, feminist icon, journalist, and political activist

This glib statement of women’s lib may indeed pierce the ears of family-focused conservatives and over-excited wedding planners alike.  For this fearless queen of feminism delivers a face-jam of alternative thought.  Ironically, though, for too many sisters this underlying empowerment is still tough to swallow.  Come on, ladies, snap out of it!  It’s time to bash the pipedreamy, you-complete-me-scenario and accept that you alone are complete, whole, perfect…and fabulous!  After all, men are referred to as the opposite sex for a reason  -they can only attract or repel.  Period!  Get right with yourself first, woman!  The right time, right place scenario will then reveal just the right man: attractive, complimentary and complete.  Just like you!

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