SOAPBOX of the week: relentless pursuit of purpose

   “It is really important for each one of us to validate our existence.  You have to become aware that there is something beyond the meat-and-potatoes reality.”     – Carlos Santana, musician

Why are you here?  What are you doing while you are here?  How about: where are you even looking for such enlightenment?  Be honest.  Do you seek confirmation from the umpteen activities, things and possessions you’re buried in?  Or stake all truth in kudos from friends or mere coworkers?  Sounds crazy, huh?  So don’t.  Instead, look within, to discover within, and let the nourishment of answers out.   What are your beliefs?  When do you feel happiest?  What do you want to accomplish?  Yup, this is the tough stuff.  But once grounded in who you are, the search for why you’re here ain’t so difficult.  Find your purpose and reel it in with fervor.  Then take your seat at a royal table set for one and enjoy the faire.

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