SOAPBOX of the week: exchanging hope

“Have a penny, leave a penny.  Need a penny, take a penny.”     –  7-11 penny dish

A nudging notion saturated with the simplest of wisdoms, right up there with the Golden Rule, that whole lemon-lemonade adage, and probably a slew of Newton’s discoveries.  Ironically, Lincoln’s loose change symbolizes all the basic needs to survive life –even in this 21st century.  But most of us limit the concept of “needs” to the Salvation Army scope of money, food, shelter, clothing, pots and pans, books…whatever.  Well, wouldn’t life be a string of struggles without other things like family, friendship, transportation, education, activity, or music?  And it’d be downright unbearable without conversation, love, laughter, prayer, fellowship, celebration, and charity.  Tell me I am not off base, folks!   For every single one of us, life is a roller coaster of times of having and needing all of these glorious symbols of sustenance.  But moreso, each day presents an opportunity of choice to ask for the sake of our own survival or to offer for the sake of another’s.  See, the world is full of abundance and so are you!   And I ain’t just talkin’ currency, folks.   When you have it… give it.  When you need it… take it.  Yup, it’s that simple.

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