SOAPBOX of the week: life’s luscious roulette

“Life is like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you’re gonna get.”     –  Forrest Gump, shrimp boating captain

Hollywood may have etched these lines of script in their Canon, but I think many of you need it tattooed in your mind’s mainframe.  So, mull with me and let the sweetness of its monumental meaning melt in your mouth.  Life is  like a box of chocolates –each day offers up a square to devour whose core confection may impact us for a flash or forever.  Indeed, some are truffles of petty delays or divorces; pralines of pitfalls or pink slips; and caramels of hangnails or heart attacks.  Oh, but do not forget that time’s beautiful gift box also offers up manna in the making …of breakthroughs, best friends, birthdays, big raises, new babies and blessings beyond words.   Deemed “good” or “bad”, they all offer the sustenance to challenge, change, and ultimately define us.  Point being, even the crappy ones ain’t so terrible.  And when given a choice between a chocolate of mysterious midsection or none at all… fifty bucks says you’ll take the treat, and probably find the surprise inside  worthwhile for the future of your family, faith, career, relationships and place in this timeline we call life.   And that, my friends, is the meat of the sweet.  

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