SOAPBOX of the week: take your pulse

“To be successful, have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.”     Thomas Watson, former president, IBM

Art of every medium has shown us, without exception or excuse, the powerful expression of the heart.  Be it poem, painting, screenplay or song, the manifestation of a gloriously uninhibited process reveals a submission of artist to the craft.  For the work to come out, the work must go in, yielding a timeless punchcard of a passionate pursuit of purpose, relentless trial and error, and unwavering integrity.  See, regardless the end product, the beginning to any blossoming business is the same: an unyielding personal devotion to what, how and why you do it!  So whether it’s followers and fans or clients and coworkers you seek, trust that if you build your little empire with your heart at the helm, they will come in droves… inspired by you!

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