SOAPBOX of the week: hush up and wise up!

“I was determined to know beans.”     – Henry David Thoreau, author, historian, transcendentalist

Whether it’s beans, Jack, or squat, for that matter… fifty bucks says at least one person has javelined a presumptuous phrase that spotlighted your erroneous exhibit of education.  And regardless if the announcer aimed to shine his self-endowed crown of wisdom or honestly point out that which you do not know for your own good, your preened feathers were ruffled and defenses immediately fired up.  Sound embarrassingly familiar, yes?  Well, next time, before you begin projecting words you’ll soon regret, let alone have no ammo of tangible evidence to debunk the claim, perhaps you pull out a notepad and take some notes, my friend.  There’s a strong chance your perceived “opponent” has a stash of golden nuggets he’s willing, if not earnest, to share, if only you retract your ego and play student for a spell.  This humble listening then reveals a path for your own diligent investigation and excited accumulation of all the right stuff.  And when paired with your own inventory of learned and logged info, the living library you create will pale in comparison to the experiences you had while stacking the shelves…of Jack, squat, or beans. 

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