SOAPBOX of the week: a humble request from Kimberlie Dykeman

Ok, folks.  What if I turned the tables on you and asked YOU to get on your proverbial soapbox?  Not because I have run out of quotes.  Not because it’s a contest to get your ditty into my next book.  Not because I felt lazy today.  But, honestly, because I need a cleansing jolt of motivation from you.  Yes, even the SOAPBOX Queen has off-days, let alone weeks and months, that throw a wrench in her life and upset her seemingly untiring positive attitude.  (Remember: Every doctor becomes a patient now and again.)  And in paradigm-shifting times like these, I believe it’s absolutely paramount to be honest, if not radically transparent, about these human-nature occurrences.  After all, covering up the truth only allows for it to rear its ugly head later…and we all know it ain’t pretty!  So, I am volleying the ball into your collective courts, friends; asking for your timeless and timely words of wisdom, mantras, and uplifting mementos for a needed boost of hope, excitement and unyielding belief that anything’s possible.  Thank you!



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One thought on “SOAPBOX of the week: a humble request from Kimberlie Dykeman

  1. After two LONG marriages (you can’t say I didn’t try!), I freed myself from mental and emotional abuse at 60+! After two years of being totally happy, along came a man! Who would have believed a ready-for-Medicare career lady would be subject to such nonsense!?! It’s great, I’m having the time of my life, though I’m still learning how to let go of my past and not worry about his. Life is too short, and I decided to be happy! Get up every day with that in mind (and sometimes a wonderful lover by your side) and you never know what that can bring you. I think it’s LOVE OF SELF that nurtures SELFLESS LOVE. I am brought to tears in an instant when I meet women who sell themselves short. Don’t do it! Watch my lips: LIFE IS TOO SHORT!

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