SOAPBOX of the week: Get it in gear

“You can’t push anyone up the ladder unless he is willing to climb himself.”     – Andrew Carnegie, businessman

Picture this: it’s mealtime and Little Jimmy isn’t convinced that the spoonful of veggies is good for him, let alone not a mouthful of poison.  Determined to have him swallow it so he will grow into a healthy, well-rounded adult, the coercion, negotiating, begging and, perhaps, voice-raising, begins. A stalemate is reached, accompanied by kicking, fussing and perhaps food-splattered wallpaper.  Why doesn’t he just trust that this is what’s best for him?!  Well, just like children, many folks you attempt to “help” aren’t prepared nor willing to accept your advice, ideas, or cheering.  Now.  But just as change is inevitable, their agenda, fears, curiosities, and preferences will eventually surrender a breakthrough.  So stay tuned, close and true and be ready to dole out a healthy serving of encouragement.

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