SOAPBOX of the week: a humble request from Kimberlie Dykeman

Ok, folks.  What if I turned the tables on you and asked YOU to get on your proverbial soapbox?  Not because I have run out of quotes.  Not because it’s a contest to get your ditty into my next book.  Not because I felt lazy today.  But, honestly, because I need a cleansing jolt of motivation from you.  Yes, even the SOAPBOX Queen has off-days, let alone weeks and months, that throw a wrench in her life and upset her seemingly untiring positive attitude.  (Remember: Every doctor becomes a patient now and again.)  And in paradigm-shifting times like these, I believe it’s absolutely paramount to be honest, if not radically transparent, about these human-nature occurrences.  After all, covering up the truth only allows for it to rear its ugly head later…and we all know it ain’t pretty!  So, I am volleying the ball into your collective courts, friends; asking for your timeless and timely words of wisdom, mantras, and uplifting mementos for a needed boost of hope, excitement and unyielding belief that anything’s possible.  Thank you!



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