SOAPBOX of the week: Comedy, the great connector

“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”     – Victor Borge, humorist
The feeling is priceless.  Someone cracks a joke and you’re doubled over in uncontrollable laughter.  Wait!  Stop!  Your cheeks hurt from smiling so much and in that brilliant moment… a connection is made.  The playing field is leveled.  You and this person are one with the world and life is good!  So what then is that magic you experience?  It’s your inner child reemerging to make an indescribable human bond that you can never get enough of.  You realize you both have a pulse, a sense of humor, fears, hopes, embarrassing moments, a yearning to belong, a love of life.  If mere laughter can ignite this gorgeous chain reaction… I say, bring on the one-liners and draw in a crowd. 

Copyright 2008 by Kimberlie Dykeman

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One thought on “SOAPBOX of the week: Comedy, the great connector

  1. I was reading your book last night and laughed uncontrollably when I read that you were going to “fist-jam june cleaver cliches”…. seriously, you’re hiliarious and have a wonderful way with words. Here’s to the smiles you bring!!!

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