SOAPBOX of the week: Cause and effect

    “You don’t lose your balance unless your life is out of balance.”     – Arthur Smalls, musician

Whoa, easy does it!  Now get your legs back.  How many times have you stumbled, dusted off and dismissed the lingering negative side-effects of a fumble or spill?  And each time your reaction is the same: “I don’t how it happened…it just snuck up on me!”  Not really, folks.  That cold you caught, fender-bender you caused, snide remark you made to your spouse, big mistake you made at work, birthday you forgot.  Those tremors emerge when you’ve lost your handle on your place, priorities and purpose.  They’re warnings that there’s a surefire quake on the horizon.  My advice: assess your terrain, friends.  Fill in the holes, patch the fences and tend the gardens.  Take care of the needs of your home turf and harmony will keep you on your toes…safely.

Copyright 2008 by Kimberlie Dykeman

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