SOAPBOX of the week: communication transpiration

“The next message you need is right where you are.”    – Ram Dass, author and spiritual teacher

Each day you’re bombarded with contradicting messages, caught in the cross-fire of the present-tense purists and future-perfect fanatics.  One sizzles immediate gratification, a mindful calm sans calendars, and lessened let-down of expectations; while the other lures you with earned harvests, clarity from timelined plans, and the believable creation of your Big Picture dream.  So what’s the best ideology to follow?  Well, I say, read the ingredients so you know what’s “going down”, but then go ahead and swallow ‘em both!  The mixture yields the very best of combination for all of us: an appreciation of the here-and-now in all its glory, plus a hand-crafted hopeful lifeline of tomorrows.  Spontaneity can pair fabulously with the spreadsheets and scheduling …if you choose to allow it.  For ultimately, the more you commit to knowing thyself, the more obvious it becomes which recipe to nosh on, and when.  Now is the only constant, folks.  Changing your perspective of where you are and will yourself to be will potently power you both today and to infinity.

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