SOAPBOX of the week: inertia’s affliction

“Millions long for immortality who do not know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.”     – Susan Ertz, novelist

Ironic, huh?  We complain that life’s too short –yet we piddle away days with pointless distractions.  “If only I had more time…” we whine, allowing our real priorities to fall victim to procrastination.  And when forced to sit still for patience’s sake, or quiet for purposeful listening, we witness real time echoing its deliberate second hand… and cry boredom!  With further insult to the gift of days, we convince ourselves that melodrama and minutia, micro-relationships and mindless activities are acceptable time consumers.  So, what do you really want to stick around for? If you can’t produce a list AT LEAST the size of your holiday wish catalog…then there’s a problem!  Folks, I earnestly suggest you create an inventory of passions and pursuits, puzzles to figure, and hard-core reasons to yearn for immortality.  Adopt a pet, become a Big Sister, go to church, launch a business, start a family, run a marathon…shall I go on?  Saturate your being with purpose and you’ll deplete those presumptuous pangs of boredom.

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