SOAPBOX of the week:real honest-to-goodness performance


“The whole motivation for any performer is “Look at me, Ma!”     – Lenny Bruce, comedien and satirist

All the world’s a stage, and front-n-center is your biggest fan – Mom.  Right?  Well, more times than not, it’s actually YOU who is the devoted admirer, seeking endorsement, whatever it takes!  It’s one of the simple truths that threads through to connect us all… athletes, musicians, artists, students, business folks, you name it.   But setting aside Mom’s pat on the head and proud smile, wouldn’t you also want her approval of how you earned your success?  If you’re eager to boast the achievements…are you equally willing to reveal the journey?  ‘Cause, if you weren’t authentic in your communicating, fair in your negotiating, or ethical in your fulfillment…regardless of what you tell her, you both fail.  After all, Moms always find out the real truth in our stories…and we have to live with it ‘til she does. SO be motivated to perform like a champ, but also be driven to take the honorable route.  Both of you will have a heckofalot more to smile about in the end.

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