SOAPBOX of the week: here’s what you should do…

 “I owe success to having listened respectfully to the very best advice, and then going away and doing the exact opposite.”     – Gilbert K. Chesterton, writer & philosopher

Right when you least expect it…someone will hurl their unwelcomed “good” advice at you.  Seemingly angled at steering you in the right direction, the carefully wrapped “gift” explodes all over your finely pressed outfit, like an over-filled water balloon whose time has come.  Time and time again friend, family and foe alike lob misguided guidance and unfounded opinions, half-expecting you to follow to safe face …and yet ready to spew an “I told-you-so” when you fall and fail to what they would have done.  So what’s a person to do?  Well, what many of you have been doing all along!  Follow your gut!  That built-in alarm system that’s kept you on your toes and kept you from fumbling through some of the most taxing times of your life.   Somehow, it’s always right.  And although your steadfast sixth sense may not shield you from the inflatables yet to douse your next crossroads decision, it may very well steer you far away from those who sit ready to launch.

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SOAPBOX of the week: Discovering your gifts

“Each man has an aptitude born with him.  Do your work.”     – Ralph Waldo Emerson, writer and philosopher

So you can’t flip an omelet, carry a tune, nor hit a 3-pointer.  Geometry just isn’t your bag, then there’s that speaking in public thing.  There are things in life that challenge our inborn operating systems right off the bat.  Even with upgrades and downloads, we get flustered and frustrate ourselves with half-hearted attempts to fix what we label a flaw in the hardware itself.  Truth is, we’re all perfect.  Each of our rare blends of God-given gifts is as unique as our fingerprints.  But it’s up to us to discover how to launch our software.  So delve in and develop the capabilities that bring you joy and satisfaction.  Capitalize on your built in programs and the egg-flipping becomes a thing of the past.

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