SOAPBOX of the week: check your ego

“There’s one thing we ought to let folks find out for themselves, and that’s how great we are.”     – Kin Hubbard, cartoonist & journalist
Remember, as a child, feeling as though you could do absolutely anything?  Make yourself invisible, be an Olympic athlete, own a huge company, morph into a superhero, make a million dollars, be president someday.  Indeed, as the list grew daily, so did the volume, of your voice to ready the world for your coming!  That self-proclaimed omnipotence ensures your drive to succeed still to this day.  But tread carefully upon the trail of self-confidence; for left unchecked, unyielding conviction can wander out of control, undermine your natural gifts, instigate judgment and jealousy and leave you jaded and lonely.  Practice humility to combat the barbs.  And when tempted to broadcast your greatness, choose to beam it instead.

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