SOAPBOX of the week: The cleanse begets clarity

 “The cure for anything is salt water-     sweat, tears or the sea.”     – Isak Dinesen, author

The proverbial curve balls in life can knock the breath right out of you.  With the good cometh the bad and that effervescent high wears off quicker than cheap champagne and you’re left scrambling for safety and stability.  But when the clouds finally part, the connection between mind and body spells out one simple solution… as just that: a solution…  of salt-water!  Whether you choose to flush it out with a jog …cross-country, sob it out with a great chick flick,  or soak yourself in it, a la the Caribbean,  the cure is in the cleanse.  And so, I say, drench yourself, and towel off a radiant and revitalized new you.

Copyright 2008 by Kimberlie Dykeman 

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