SOAPBOX of the week: heartless smear vs. honored silence

“Airing one’s dirty linen never makes for a masterpiece.”     – Francois Truffaut, filmmaker

A week scarcely goes by that our ears and eyes are bombarded by yet another public confession of transgression.   Tabloids showcase a celeb’s rehab trip; while a breaking news update places a politician’s pilfering habits and abusive antics in the limelight.  Closer to home, water cooler gossip reveals coworkers’ drinking problems; while congregations are abuzz over another pastor’s adulterous escapades.  Indeed in each truth-bearing catharsis, the convicted character’s “come to Jesus” moment for a cardinal sin is due acknowledgment  – especially when disclosed to family and friends in aim of accountability and atonement.  But broadcasted spillage, be it for publicity or simply the sake of a cleansed conscience, rarely paints a pretty picture; and once it’s “out there”, one can never take it back.  Along with the ensuing disturbance for victim and innocent bystander alike, the evidence of offence floats forever in one’s surroundings and negatively impacts all who swim by.  Point being: your own divulgence shouldn’t become another’s devastation.  Society’s fishbowl may righteously reveal all in the end, but privacy ain’t a four-letter word.  If anything, it’s a work of art to be admired.

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