SOAPBOX of the week:intoxication of a pastime

“Passion is all about allowing yourself to get lost in something.”     – Gail Sheehy, writer and lecturer

Picture an artist covered in paint, a cook in sauces and spices, a mechanic in grease.  Picture a writer surrounded by stacks of books, an athlete by gear and sneakers, a musician by sheet music and instruments, a pilot by model airplanes.  At times, each has become so involved in their craft, hobby or dream that they’ve forgotten time of day, list of tasks, even title on their business card.  Whether it’s their chosen vocation or weekly vacation from the daily grind, these folks aren’t merely “distracted” or dabbling …they’re captivated, in love and lost in something indescribable.  So what about you?  What makes your heart sing?  Brings divine peace and joy?  Commitment to something OTHER THAN your j-o-b, family or obligations is not only allowed…the passion it ignites fires up all other areas of your life.  And if society tells you to ease up, clean up or clear out your fabulously consuming “messes”…tell ‘em to go get lost!

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