SOAPBOX of the week: ain’t no mystery to prosperity

    “The man who rolls up his sleeves seldom loses his shirt.”     – Thomas Cowan, mystery man

Hustle, kid!  Don’t stop until you’re finished!  You got time to lean, you got time to clean.  You gotta earn your dinner tonight.  Hard work never hurt anyone!  Yup, and there’s a jillion more … to match the jillion people who regularly need a fire lit under their collective arses to simply do some work!  Whether in recession-rough times or “Reagan Eras”, there will always be a dichotomy of the loyal doers and the lazy divas… ever at odds!   And as damaging as it rings in many a slow-go-ers’ ears, if you find yourself wearing the title right now, perhaps you’re perpetuating your own poverty…one that spreads from your brain to beyond your business card and billfold.  Folks, it’s common sense that surviving and thriving are of your own choice.  Digging in creates passages to powerful people and wells of your own wealth; and the respect you earn rallies a safety net of resources you can never drain.  So, if you find yourself complaining about Wall Street if you’re not even busting a gut on Main Street, you’re closer to clenching your last belongings than you think!  Remember, there’s solution in the solving not the sitting…and you’ve got to believe that deep inside you still is the little engine that could …and it still can! 

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