SOAPBOX of the week: Surrender to the universe

    “Patience is the greatest of all virtues.”     – Dionysius Cato, Latin moralist and writer

Think back to a bittersweet reference, in which a relentless “I want it now, Daddy” produced frighteningly blueberrious results.  Supporting the premise, that immediate gratification indeed has a wonderful aroma, but it’s the aftertaste that’ll come back to haunt us.  Sometimes we think time and circumstances are plotting against us, so we might as well charge forward!  When you acknowledge your role in both opportunity and challenge, patience, as boring as it sounds, is your trump card time and time again.  For it upholds the truest concepts of life: awareness, honesty and responsibility.  So, quiet your demands and desires with a blend of courage and timidity and allow yourself to receive the gifts which the Universe already has up its sleeve for you.

Copyright 2008 by Kimberlie Dykeman

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