SOAPBOX of the week: your precious, priceless peeps!

“One is taught by experience to put a premium on those few people
 who can appreciate you for what you are.”       -Gail Godwin, novelist
From your first breath to your last, you’ll cross paths with millions of people, purposefully engage with thousands, and get to know a bit of the good, bad, and ugly of hundreds…who in turn, merely know you by name, renown, or need you fulfilled.  But because of circumstances and timing, from both clever choice and magical chance, a sprinkling of gems finally sifts out of the lot; the proverbial diamonds you’ve hoped for to keep for the long haul.  You know their birthdays and biggest failures, and can agree to disagree on anything…down to the best movie of all time.  But most importantly, they mirror your mindset; for they allow you to open the shuttered windows to your personal history and entrust truths and trials, fears and flaws without regret.  Call them confidantes, motivators, advisors, beer buddies, cheerleaders, lifesavers or just friends;  they enhance your daily mainstreet-wallstreet dual life and enrich innumerable facets you’ve overlooked, ignored or undervalued.  Net-net: they’re “keepers”.  So, while you count on them without second thought, make it priority to thank them with whole heart.  Just as you can count these premium pals on only one hand, trust that they’re doing the same thing…and couldn’t be happier.

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