SOAPBOX of the week: motivation for donation

“Life is mostly froth and bubble, two things stand like stone – kindness in another’s trouble, courage in your own.”   – Adam L. Gordon, Australian poet, jockey and politician 

The ultimate win-win situation, yes?  Lending a hand to someone in need.  Anyone.  Any circumstance.  Be it plates of food or pints of blood, the poetic powers of good prevailing to alleviate ailments, fix fences, revive relationships and salvage spirits.  And magic ensues… for both the giver and receiver benefit beyond words, simply because hardship is a stranger to none of us.  Think of your own spells of strife when, amidst the despair, deep down there still churned a fire of faith that proclaimed help would indeed find you!  And, low and behold, it did!  But know this: along with your saving grace of hope grew your bold voice of bravery that stoked you to face the lions while asking for a lifeline.  And so the cycle continues…as it always has and always will.  Just as change is the only constant, kindness and courage shall each emerge as the future dictates your present.  Share this wisdom with others and the proverbial pay-it-forward chain shall never be broken.

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