SOAPBOX of the week: the almighty cape of courage

“A wound, a red badge of courage.”      – Stephen Crane, novelist & journalist

A decision was made, a choice acted upon, and the evidence runs red.  Sound familiar?  Perhaps you proudly stood up and spoke your mind or terrifyingly tried to sing in public.  Finally left home for good or left that joyless job with tail between your legs.  Maybe you declared a longing “I love you” or were dealt a devastating goodbye.  No matter your predicament, position or point… you can’t help but be affected by the gaping gash that painfully exposes your heart and ego to everyone.   But may I remind you that even as you invested precious time, energy, and effort, you did not offer up your name, reputation, or spirit in vain.  Bravery gives you the armor to face the battle; but in taking a leap of faith you demonstrate just how much you believe in yourself and your cause.  When all is said and done, a silver lining glistens one simple truth: all wounds eventually heal.  Trust in that and you’ll emerge stronger, both inside and out.  So, break out the band-aids, folks, and live a life worth fighting for!

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