SOAPBOX of the week: be the ball, Danny

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”    – Henry Ford, inventor and innovator

It’s hard not to miss, isn’t it?  The God-awful wallpaper of challenges, failures and plain ole negativity “decorating” the path towards your prized pinnacle of being a successful little entrepreneur with the next great idea!  The naysayers projecting their own fears.  The intimidating competition.  The economic climate and trends.  The first job you got fired from.  Sexism, racism, and double standards.  Your unsupportive family.  The time, energy, connections and money…you don’t seem to have enough of.  The degree you don’t have.    The kids you’re trying to raise….alone.  The fact that you’re petrified to speak in public and wouldn’t know a proper business plan if smacked you in the face.  Your age, weight, looks, and last name.  Yup, it’s hard not to notice the oodles of obstacles.  That is, of course, if you let them divert you from your purpose.  So, don’t!  Stay the path, friends, and obligate yourself to continuing with clarity and fastidious focus and the distracting walls of worries will fade from sight. 


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