SOAPBOX of the week: Elbow-greased excellence

“Practice is the best of all instructors.”  – Publius Syrus, writer

Any coach, parent, authority figure, guru –or gas station attendant, for that matter- could bless you, with information to do something, get somewhere, or fix a problem.  As a perpetual student of life, you waste gobs of time sifting through data that ties you to the classroom and demands further analysis.  Meanwhile, the meat-n-potatoes real world waits as you put your experiential life on hold.  Folks, gathering info doesn’t equate to learning, nor will it yield the wisdom that comes from getting your hands dirty.  Only one thing will.  Practice.  Applied trial and error reveals your weaknesses and strengths and delivers the celebration of self-discovery.  In the end, you wear the hat of both student and teacher…and it looks good on you.

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