SOAPBOX of the week: Easy does it, leadfoot

“For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.”     – Lily Tomlin, comedienne and actress

Hey!  Where the fire, folks?!  Now, I’m not scolding you to come to a screeching halt.  But the old “smell the roses” adage does hold merit.  Our cars, computers and cell phones have not only allowed us to adapt to society’s breakneck speed…they’ve got us thinking we’re still not going fast enough.  New technologies once seen as solutions to easing our schedules and settling our nerves, now call for us to be in two places at the same and have the job done… yesterday!  They incite us to fret that every line item is a matter of life and death.  And chances are 90% of them aren’t!  So, take your foot off the accelerator, breathe, and ask what is priority.  The answers will shrink your to-do-list and the knot in your stomach…better than any fizzy little antacid.

Copyright 2008 by Kimberlie Dykeman

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