SOAPBOX of the week: carpe diem, folks!

 “There is a difference between the waiting of the prophet and the standing still of the fool.”     – Ralph Waldo Emerson, writer and philosopher


SO, you say you’re waiting for the perfect time to do …something.  No doubt you sound like a broken record…even to yourself… because fear has paralyzed and reduced you to excuse-filled victim of circumstance.  What are you waiting for?  The cows to come home?  Hell to freeze over?  The stars to align?  Well, for all you don’t know, existing outside your self-protective bubble of naive expectations, there’s a herd of cud-chewers standing, on frozen ground, under a sparkling constellation…waiting on you!  No alarm will sound.  No telegram will proclaim: “The perfect time has arrived.  Go for it!”  Tell yourself it’s here!  Right now!  Passionately dive into creating the experience you’ve been keeping from yourself and embrace the freedom that comes from ignoring the ticking clock.

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