SOAPBOX of the week: America, the HUMAN dream takes hope, honesty, hard work

“The capacity for hope is the most significant fact of life. It gives human beings a sense of destination and the energy to get started.”  – Norman Cousins, political journalist & world peace advocate

Ponder the tragedies and tough times you’ve witnessed and weathered.  For some, it’s pocked with divorce, disease, joblessness, legal drama and family battles.  For all, though, it includes the fall-out of 9-11, the epidemic of cancer, the corrosion of our environments, the collapse of our economy.  The far-reaching emissions of these evils nearly suffocate us to helplessness, leaving an impossible-to-fix aftermath.  Ah, but up from the rubble comes a survivor, proving yet again the human spirit is indefinitely indefinable, unyielding and awe-inspiring!  But with the unifying power of hope cometh the echoing call for hard work to rebuild, reboot and reclaim.  It takes discipline to lean down wants and buckle-down for the battle of needs.  It means being radically transparent in communication, which takes asking, sharing, voicing for the greater good.  It means preparing for new ideas, alternatives and eventual growth, which takes resourcefulness of all our surroundings.  And it means trusting that seeds already planted will net positive change… and that takes courage.  Know that generations have done this for us countless times; now it’s our time, folks, to dig ourselves out, and return the favor.

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