SOAPBOX of the week: life’s tapestry of teachers

“For every person who wants to teach there are approximately thirty who don’t want to learn – much.”     – WC Sellers, author and humorist

Ain’t that the truth!  And I wouldn’t doubt for a second that every one of you could rightfully confess a time when you indeed were that aggravating, non-receptive student.  But at some point, I hope, you’ve dropped the rebellious, disinterested, lazy attitude to embrace not only the teachings…but also the teacher.  Who, by the way, aren’t all huddled up in crowded middle school classrooms.  Folks who are driven to “teach” are everywhere.  They’re in boardrooms, churches, libraries and at conferences… just as they’re at the flea market, performing on stage, or cooking at a local restaurant.  That said, if you seek to learn, those who bless you with their experiences and worldly knowledge, will in turn watch their very own horizons expand.  Give them a chance to share and you’ll both profit for life.

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