SOAPBOX of the week: full-throttle wellness

“Your body is the only thing you are guaranteed to keep for a lifetime; if you have your health, anything is possible.”     -Dan Millman, author

YOU are the sole driver of that intricate vehicle called your body …whose care instructions are written clearly on the inside:  Fuel with nutritious foods and water; rev it up and run it outside daily, get regular check-ups, and rest when needed. Simple, huh?  Yet too many of you ignore the GLARING RED SERVICE LIGHT and wonder why the other crucial “parts” of your life …like family or career…are sputtering along as well.  Folks, if you want more LIFE out of your life, ante up at least the same amount of preventative maintenance you give your car!  Rewire your mind and body.  Get a tune-up.  Heck, get an overhaul and enjoy an even longer ride in luxury!  After all, there’s no such thing as being too healthy!

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