SOAPBOX of the week: age-old action-reaction

The meaning of good and bad… is simply helping or hurting.”      ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, philosopher and poet

  Such a simple statement, which no one can debunk.  You and I both know, it ain’t tough to find “evil” lurking about.  Temptations and trickery, loopholes and white lies, judgments and limitless opportunities for self-serving joy.  And when we ourselves participate in creating, delivering or supporting such bad thought, words, and works, we do damage to people and the planet at large… only to have it circle right back to our own backyards.  I only pray that the karmic boomerang effect ultimately instigates change in your choices.  Conversely, it’s tough to argue or ignore the gratification that rushes in when you do good, right? The excitement in the wonderment of how far the ripple will stretch and even a rejoicing in tapping your own power to help!   That said, there’s an everlasting supply of this  glorious feeling at your fingertips.  For it’s the by-product of simply doing good…and there’s an opportunity around every corner, folks.  So seek them, seize them and spread ‘em with love!

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